What Are Dual Shore Power Cords? Are They Dangerous?

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The dangers of dual shore power cords are real and we often hear from our customers about the problem that they face. They are the top reason for boat fires and this makes keeping the precautions in mind while you are using them a top-most priority. Both power and sail, boats need shore cords so that they could be plugged into the marine power at the dock. It has been seen that some use one cord while others use two cords. So, it is absolutely necessary to keep in mind safety, especially when water and electricity are in such close proximity. You must need to know how to use it to supply power without harming yourself, the people on your boat, or even your boat or other people.

Things to keep in mind to keep the dangers at bay:

Unapproved Cords

Shore cords are designed for marine use where water and hydro are in such close contact.  Unapproved cords should not be used and most marinas do not even allow them. Inspect the cords to see if they are not damaged and are working fine and even keep a check on the Marine Classed switchboard so that electric shock drowning does not even surface in any situation.

Coil Properly

If the extra cord is not coiled properly, it can be dangerous. Be sure to loop it loosely but properly around the power post.

Reduce Clutter

By reducing dock clutter you can guarantee that no one steps on it and no damage can occur.
Support Your Cord: At the boat end, the weight of the cable should be supported and support the cable’s weight by the rail, so that it is not totally hanging.

Plugging In

It is important to know to plug which end of the Shore Cord first. Plugin the boat end first, then the dock end. Doing otherwise can cause dangers such as electrocution if a live cord is caught with a wet hand or if dropped.


It is necessary to know which end to unplug first. Do not disconnect the boat end first, because it is still alive and could potentially kill someone if it landed in a puddle, touched with a wet hand, or fell in the harbor. And never leave a live cord on the dock as it might cause a huge problem. Therefore, always unplug the shore end first, then turn off the power, then the boat end, and do not do the process in reverse order. Remember that you never want a live wire on the dock as it only means danger.

You need to be very careful with live wires and keep in mind the dangers that come with power cords as they can put your life and the life of others in danger. Remember the steps and follow the necessary precautions. Your safety is your first priority and always even help others to remember the precautions so that you are safe on the dock and even on the waters.

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