The Ultimate Guide to Marine Shore Power Systems

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What is shore power?

Shore power allows the ships and yachts to shut down the auxiliary engine using diesel. They then use the land-based electrical power supply.

It helps in reducing the pollution emissions in the environment. It also prevents the damage caused to the environment through the emission of GHG.

Shore power provides power to majorly all the discharged components of the ship. For example, the ship can use shore power for charging batteries, TVs, power tools, etc.

Shore power can be provided to the ship in multiple forms. It can either be a remote generator or land-based power in a grid format. Solar energy sources can also be used to provide power to remote generators.

Using shore power can also let the ship engines relax and stay in good condition. It reduces the maintenance and repairing charges of the ship engines.

Shore power has many benefits. Here are some:

Reduces port tariffs

Some ports offer a discount on the port tariffs if you use installed shore power. The discount is called an environmental discount.

Reduces Emissions

Using shore power instead of fuel has many environmental benefits. If you use shore power instead of diesel, you reduce the emission of nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide.

Priority Passes

Ports provide advantageous time slots to the ships and yachts using the shore power. There are also financial incentives available for the ships using shore power.

The Use of Shore Power

Shore power of the ship was used first in California. The demand for shore power emerged to reduce the amount of pollution generated by diesel-fueled engines.

The public in California demanded to reduce the toxic pollutants released by diesel engines. It led to regulations that required ships and yachts to reduce the amount of air pollution.

At present, a plethora of companies is providing shore-to-ship solutions in the industry. These solutions are steps towards a greener maritime industry.

Uses of Shore power

Shore power is also known as cold ironing. One of the major uses of a shore power converter is to provide power to the ships at the shore. But the power of shore power is not limited to providing power at the shore.

Shore power is also ideal for providing power to aircraft. Aircraft can use shore power to charge its ventilation and interior lighting.

Land vehicles like trucks, long-haul trucks also derive power from t=shore power sources. Using shore power for charging helps in reducing the carbon footprint of heavy vehicles and pieces of equipment.

Here are some of the tips that you can use while using shore power for deriving power to different pieces of equipment:

  1. The extension cords should have locking types. Either male or female connectors should be present with the locking types.
  2. Always ensure that the extension cords are connected properly while in use. Otherwise, the shore power may not perform properly.
  3. Always use standard-rated connectors for connecting to shore power.
  4. Always disconnect the main circuit before removing the connector to the shore power.
  5. Keep the connectors connected from either both sides or disconnected from both sides.
  6. Check the power cords frequently for checking any cracks or abrasions on the power cords.
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