How Marine Frequency Converters Provide Continuous Operation of Your Watercraft

Atlas Marine Frequency ConvertersSuppose you’re sitting in the marina. Your yacht is using marina power, but you have occasional fluctuations in the current that cause the lights to flicker or navigational equipment to blackout. Or perhaps you’re just about to set off on the water, and starting the engine, you trip the onboard breaker with the sudden influx of power. These problems are often nuisances at best, but they can ruin the experience for you as well as for any guests you have on board.

The solution to this problem is after-market power control equipment. A marine frequency converter serves the purpose of regulating electrical flow, keeping it to a smooth, constant current that supports continuous operation.

Issues of Marina Power

At the dock or marina, you may have surges in power that can overload the system. Alternatively, voltage may drop, causing you to overdraw on that power and flip the circuit breaker on dock, cutting off all electricity completely. This is what causes the issues many boat operators face when sitting at the dock.

Fortunately, the right system can control the power you get from the dock and even increase it, allowing you to continue functioning properly.

How Marine Frequency Converters Help

The basic premise of a marine frequency converter is to take the current from the source (which may be either the dock or even the main onboard supply), and regulate it with specialized transformers, keeping it to a constant, predictable flow. This prevents any loss of power or overloads due to fluctuations in the load, allowing continuous, reliable operation.

Design and Installation

Of course, in order to function consistently, the system needs to be installed properly. You need the right type of equipment for your craft, and it needs to be well fitted to the existing components in the craft’s current marine power system. For assistance with selecting marine frequency conversion equipment, contact Atlas Marine Systems today.

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