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ShorPOWER® SHP™ Frequency Converter

ShorPOWER® SHP™ Frequency Converter
Product Brochure (150-200kVA)

The ShorPOWER® SHP series of frequency converters are designed to be the workhorse of the marine industry. Unlike other converters available they are built from a single power module of up to 200kVA that can be paralleled to create a system up to 1.0MVA. This converter is highly reliable and is designed to provide years of service of clean reliable power to many of the most prestigious yachts in the world.

Worldwide Power
The SHP will automatically connect to any high voltage marina power source worldwide and provide clean, stable and reliable power for the yacht. Fully compatible with all types of marina breakers and complying with all shore supply regulations, having an SHP on board makes the yacht a truly global vessel.

Advanced Power Design
The SHP marine frequency converter utilizes state-of-the-art technology including the latest in power semiconductors and ferrite core transformer technology, all controlled by a ultra-high speed digital control system to produce an absolutely pure output sine wave.

Reliable Power
The onboard guests do not want to be aggravated by flickering lights, black-outs and generator starts caused by fluctuations in the marina power. Regardless of the dock power supply quality the SHP will always produce stable and reliable power. This reliability is achieved by manufacturing the converter using only the highest quality components and by engineering the converter for actual marine use.

Maximize Marina Power
Many yachts have to reduce their air conditioning and galley loads when in the marina to prevent overloading the circuit breaker on the dock and losing all power. By conditioning the and balancing the currents in the shore cord the SHP converter increases the amount of available power from the marina by as much as 35%.

Marine Engineered
Designed from the ground up, based on years of marine experience, the converter is packaged in a lightweight compact aluminum enclosure with a small footprint and is engineered to operate in the worst marine conditions such as high ambient temperature and humidity. It has been extensively tested to ensure that when large loads such as motors and compressors start there are no fluctuations of the output power.


  • Automatically connects to any worldwide marine power supply.
  • Works with any RCD / GFCI circuit breaker


  • Balances the current in the input phases regardless of output load imbalance.
  • Conditions the input power to maximize the available power.
  • Contains fully integrated dual shore cord inputs for increased capacity.
  • Shares the current proportionally between the two shore cords to maximize the power obtainable from the dock.
  • Reduced current at start up prevents nuisance trip of marina breaker.


  • Provides protection against marina voltage transients.
  • Output power is stable even when large output loads are applied.
  • Precise output voltage and frequency regulation.
  • Regulation remains precise even with unbalanced loads.
  • Generous overload capability so no need to start generator during peak times.


  • State of the art power semiconductors and ferrite core transformers.
  • Extensive protection and diagnostic system.
  • Wide ambient operating temperature range -40 °C to +55 °C
  • Rated for power factor range from 0.5 lagging to 0.8 leading.
  • Network Compatible – Fully integrated Ethernet-based Communication Data Link (CDL) system.


  • Seamless power transfer between ShorPOWER SHF and the generator.
  • Parallelable for increased capacity or redundancy.
  • Color touchscreen remote control panel.
  • TecPOWER switchboard data link interface.
  • Switchboard controlled soft transfer.
  • Output load disconnect.
Onboard ShorPOWER Converters for Larger Yachts
SHFUltra HFUltra HPUltra HV
Unit Power Ratings37.5kVA - 125kVA20kVA - 125kVA150kVA - 1.6MVA100kVA - 125kVA
System Power Ratings75kVA to 1000kVA
40kVA - 1000kVA300kVA - 1.6MVA200kVA - 900kVA
Input Voltage177V - 528V177V - 528V177V - 528V350V - 528V
Alternate Input Voltage
Input Phase1 and 31 and 333
Output Voltage208V - 480V220V - 480V380V - 480V220V - 480V
Output Phase1 or 31 or 333
Frequency Conversion
Voltage Regulation
Surge Protection
Modular Enclosure
Extended Operating Temperature
Extended Overload
Dual Shore Cord Input
Seamless Transfer
Communications Data Link
Front end of a Yacht in the Ocean
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